Thursday, October 27, 2016

Post-Election Prayer

This is my newsletter article for my church on October 27. 2016.
I am giving you this “Post-election Prayer” ahead of time for use after November 8th.
The 2016 U.S. Presidential election is now finally over. _________________ is now our country’s President-elect to be inaugurated in January. This person may not have been my candidate of choice, but they have nonetheless prevailed through the process of the greatest democracy on earth.
This has been a bitter campaign which has either led to or revealed a deep divisiveness in our country. Lord, please heal the rifts in our workplaces, churches and even families. Help us all hear again your message of love, grace and forgiveness. Lord, help me to release whatever anger or disappointment I may have with these results. If this was my candidate of choice, help me move forward with graciousness toward those who disagreed with me.
Lord, I know President-elect ____________________ is not perfect by any means. They are a sinner as are we. Please guide (him/her) in their decisions and help them be a leader and not merely a politician. This is also my prayer for all of our elected officials in Congress plus the justices of the Supreme Court.
Heavenly Father, we are thankful for the freedom we enjoy in this great nation. We are forever indebted to those who have sacrificed so much to make it possible. I have voted and done my civic duty. I am and always will be proud to be an American. However, regardless of who my president is, help me remember Jesus is my Lord. My allegiance is to our flag and to the republic for which it stands. Yet, my heart and soul belong to heaven.