Friday, November 11, 2016

My President

Donald Trump has been labeled many things by his opponents: Racist, misogynist, xenophobic, predatory. These labels are based mostly on some things he has said. Most decent folks from all sides were and should be offended by them. Giving him the benefit of the doubt, however, I ask if this is the sum of the man? Who hasn't said inappropriate things at some time or another? I am personally thankful to not have a hot mike on me all of the time.

Trump is clearly a clever man. This Yankee billionaire has managed to position himself as a "man of the people." I suspect much of his persona in this campaign was simply a strategic tactic to help him get elected. If this is true, it says more about us than him. He clearly tapped into a strong vein of anger and frustration with "Business As Usual" in Washington D.C. In many ways, this is the same vein that carried Bernie Sanders much further than anyone had expected.

I have jokingly said throughout the last year my fear was that one of these two candidates was going to get elected. Well, sure enough, my predication came true. As I write this, there are protests by some groups across the country chanting “Not My President.” Technically, this is true only until January 20, 2017. On that day, if you are a United States citizen, he is in fact your President as he will be my President. Can I suggest you hold your protests until if and when he does something worthy of taking to the streets? 

My hope is that Trump's frequent off the cuff comments are not as revealing of his true character as many are quick to believe. I sincerely hope he can utilize his business acumen and cleverness to address real issues in our government. I pray the weight of the office and the responsibilities therein will shape him into the leader our country needs for a time such as this. As I promised before, I will pray for my president and our country. 

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